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York Space Systems was founded to radically improve spacecraft affordability and reliability, transforming and enabling next generation space mission operations worldwide. Today, it is one of the most innovative aerospace companies, specializing in both end-to-end customer solutions and the manufacture of spacecraft platforms. Let’s get to orbit with York’s turn-key complete mission solutions.

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We are building a road to space for the benefit of Earth, humanity’s blue origin. Our team is focused on radically reducing the cost of access to space and harnessing its vast resources while mobilizing future generations to realize this mission. Blue Origin builds reusable rocket engines, launch vehicles, in-space systems, and lunar landers. Discover more at BlueOrigin.com.

Rubicon is a division of Plasma Processes. Rubicon Space Systems is a committed champion and partner in creating a more verdant space economy. We are a developer and provider of in-space propulsion systems and thrusters that use the low-toxicity “green” and safe Advanced Space Craft Energetic Non-Toxic propellant (ASCENT), also known as AF-M315E. Rubicon Space Systems has more than 30 years of combined experience in developing green propulsion technologies and thousands of hours of thruster testing experience. Our team leads the world in the development and infusion of ASCENT-based propulsion, and we are ready to support your spacecraft mobility needs.

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Astranis Space Technologies Corp. is a US company that manufactures and operates small broadband communications satellites in geostationary orbit.Their MicroGEO satellite is radiation-hardened for a 10-year design life and uses an Astranis software-defined radio that is fully reprogrammable on-orbit. The first MicroGEO launched in April 2023 with four additional satellites launching in 2024. Their next-generation satellite, Omega, debuts in 2025 and will provide over 50 Gbps of total capacity making it pound-for-pound the most powerful communications satellite ever for GEO.


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Glenair manufactures a broad range of high-performance cables and components for space.  From our innovative line of non-pyrotechnic HDRMs to Blind Mate and high-reliability assisted separation force connectors to Micro/Nano and miniature circular connectors.  Our composite accessories and AmberStrand/ArmorLite EMI-Braid has revolutionized weight-saving efforts in a variety of launch/satellite applications. Glenair’s Engineering and Testing capabilities are second to none, providing components for the most challenging environments.


The National Reconnaissance Office develops, acquires, launches, and operates the nations’ space-based intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities to secure and expand the US Intelligence advantage.

Media & Association Partners:


Defense Daily stands out as the premier, exclusively business-focused defense program publication tailored for key influencers and decision-makers. Our platform delivers timely news and invaluable insights, covering the forefront of military, governmental, and private sector developments. We delve into the pivotal strategies, budgets, and cutting-edge technologies shaping the global defense landscape. Start your journey with a complimentary 15-day trial now.

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GeoConnexion Magazine,  Digital  edition,  Website and Newsletters bring you the latest News and  Stories/Reports from GeoTechnology  industries in UK, Europe, the Middle   East,  Africa,NorthAmerica/Canada and Asia.  Sign up now! Coverage of  topics such as  3D Visualisation, Remote  Sensing, LiDAR,  Cloud, Mobile  Mapping, Navigation with emphasis on Healthcare, Public Safety, Retail,  Environment, Utilities, Surveying, LBS, Transport/Logistics,   Telecommunications  and More.


GSOA is the only global non-profit association of the entire satellite ecosystem that brings members together and serves as the premier platform for worldwide collaboration. As the only CEO-driven satellite association in the world, GSOA takes the lead in addressing global challenges, seizing opportunities, and providing a unified voice for the satellite industry. Our vision is to help policymakers improve the state of the world by continuously bridging digital, education, health, social, gender and economic divides across diverse geographies and across mature and developing economies. GSOA is widely recognised as the representative body for satellite operators by international, regional, and national entities, including regulators, policymakers, standards-setting organizations.


Celebrating its 12th year in publication, the Journal of Small Satellites (JoSS) is an international online journal providing high-quality, peer-reviewed articles that address all technical, scientific, systems, and operations aspects of small satellites. JoSS strives to serve as a premier platform for the collective collaboration of researchers, scientists, and spacecraft engineers, as an important forum for information exchange to enhance the functionality and utility of small satellites.


SatNow is a new website that was launched in 2022. The website is dedicated to the Satellite and Space Industry. We provide the latest news, interesting white papers, technical articles and an innovative product search tool.



The Space Force Association (SFA) is the only independent organization that serves as a professional military association whose sole focus is supporting the United States Space Force, United States Command, U.S. national spacepower at large, and our global partners and allies’ efforts in space exploration. Its core functions are to research, inform, and advocate for superior spacepower by shaping a Space Force that provides credible deterrence in competition, dominant capability in combat, and professional services for all partners. 


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Established in 1989, SpaceNews is the most trusted and comprehensive source of news and analysis of the companies, agencies, technologies and trends shaping the global space industry. Space professionals rely on our experienced reporters to deliver timely, accurate and engaging coverage of civil, military and commercial space program. Please visit www.spacenewsawards.com for tickets to the SpaceNews Icon Awards on December 5th.


WTA has been helping its members aim higher since our founding in 1985. Today, we are the leading partner in growth for teleport operators. We advocate for their commercial interests and promote excellence in their business practices, technology and operations. We help them distinguish real potential from hype, understand essential trends and adopt better business and operational practices.